Who I Am

I am a craftsman, a tinkerer, an Internet concierge. A guide, too. A freelance webmaster.

I make websites. In Wordpress and Drupal for the most part, but also elegantly simple sites with Hugo site generator.

The sites I build are almost always bilingual and frequently follow accessibility guidelines for people with impaired vision.

I create animations for websites, and slideshows, too. When the chosen technology allows, these original animations are interactive.

As part of a team I create videos, with a penchant for content based on interviews as well as videos used for teaching and training. I also do photography.

With my associate, we can prepare or polish content for your website, including writing and editing copy in French and in English.

I do quite a lot of configuration of online services such as stores (panierdachat.com), payment gateways (PayPal), interactive forms (JotForm), and online chats (LiveChat).

I offer attentive and personalized web hosting services with Pentafolio’s servers as well as domain name registration.

A lot of my workday is spent cleaning up, making large and small repairs, and updating website infrastructure and extensions for my clients.

I coordinate and integrate social media into websites, including email, FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I am also a guide, helping clients to navigate the many options and opportunities that Internet offers. I know how to listen, when to encourage moving forward, and when to proceed with caution.

In former lives, when I still had red hair, I did many other things. But I’ll leave that a mystery. Gaucho on the grassy plains of Argentina? Small-town film projectionist? Engineer on an offshore oil rig? Founder of a cultural center? Guru in an ashram? Newspaper editor? Public servant? Beekeeper?… In any case, that’s in the past. The future is so much more exciting!


Sample Projects


Sites in multiple langages for international organisations.
Bilingual sites for national associations and institutions.
Commercial and transactional sites.
Small local business sites.


Animation and interactive programming for the CD-Rom Mauve, winner of international awards in health and education.
Numerous interactive or linear animations, mostly for promoting educational programs.


Filming, direction, and production or a great many videos, mainly in health and education, for example: Vivre pleinement


Photography for numerous projects, such as websites La Résidence La Cité


My Pitch

I can and I will help you. With anything from full deployment of a large project to a wee small glitch, I’m your (handy)man. Let me know what you need!